For Short to Coarse Hair

Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp is an apprentice prep Program aimed at teaching the trade of Barbering. We prepare our students to become skillful and professional barbers. We don’t provide apprenticeships for all students; however, we prepare them with the skill and the knowledge to be marketable to other Master Barbers who can provide an apprenticeship. Working under a Master Barber provides further training, education of state law requirements, and an opportunity to receive state certified hours to qualify for the state board exam which will lead to a Maryland state license. 

I started the Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp program because as a young man barbering school was not affordable to me, therefore I wanted to be able to help those in this same predicament. After obtaining my barbering license, I went on to become a Master Barber and decided to open Conscious Heads Barbershop and Natural Hair Salon which has become a viable anchor in the Old Goucher section of Baltimore City. After 16 year of barbering at this location, I decided to open Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp. With my unique barber training I have managed to mentor hundreds of barbers of all ages over the past 20 years. 

Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp offers a unique experience which affords youth and adults the opportunity to learn the trade of barbering. The program does not require any prior barbering experience. For 28 weeks, students are required to attend the two-hour barbering class once a week, and access the weekly online instructions. Each student is trained in the areas of sanitation, customer service, and clipper, guard and utensil use. After successfully completing the 28-week program, students are invited to participate in a closing ceremony in which they will receive a Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp certificate. At this time, they are encouraged to begin the process of seeking a Master barber to continue barber training and gain hours to qualify them for the State Board exam. Our top students may work at Conscious Heads Barbershop or other barbers in our network. However, the skill and professionalism of all students have afforded us a reputation in which there are other Master Barbers who are ready and willing accept them for an apprenticeship. Like any other industry, students are not guaranteed placement, but are prepared for the search. 

Our boot camp is grounded in giving selfless love to our community. As part of barbering training, students participate in providing haircuts for the homeless and less fortunate in some of Baltimore City’s poverty-stricken areas as well as giving free cuts at schools. Collectively, barbering students can serve approximately 40-60 clients at one of these events. After the 28-week barbering training, graduating students are eligible to continue their participation in free haircutting community events for six months. This additional training will help refine their barbering skills. Conscious Heads Barbering Boot Camp is a program that not only teaches the art of cutting hair. It also teaches character and community building. We look forward to training you and your family in the future.

Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp Curriculum © 

  1. Week #1 – About the program/ Introduction
    A. What to expect / State of the Barbering World 
    B. History of Barbering 
    C. Pretest – Practical and theory 
    D. How to set up Portfolio and keep records 
    E. Professionalism and Motivation
  2. Week # 2 Sanitation and Equipment use 
    A. Go over Pre-test 
    B. How to properly use barbering chair and mirror 
    C. Practice internet assignment 
    D. Talk about portfolio and documenting class
  3. Class# 3 – Introduction to PPAAT, preparing the mannequin head for barbering drills, the different clippers
  4. Class #4 – PPAAT, Barbering stroke Drills 
  5. Class #5 – Barbering Strokes speed Drills and competition 
    A. PPAAT drilling 
    B. Barbering Stroke Katas and Activities 
  6. Class #6 – Barber Stroke speed test/ Introduction to shape up 
  7. Class #7 – Shape up Practice on Mannequin 
    A. Intro to shape up Katas 
  8. Class #8 –Shape up Speed test / Intro to Beard 
    A. PPAAT 
    B. Shape up Katas 
    C. Draw shape ups with pencil 
  9. Class #9 – Beard Cutting and Moves 
    A. Pre test Review 
    B. Beard Activities 
  10. Class #10 – Beard Testing 
  11. Class #11 – Intro to Technique and tension training
    A. Shape up techniques 
    B. Stokes and blending techniques
  12. Class #12 – Technique and tension training #2 
  13. Class #13 – 13 Levels and Guard/ Length System #1
    A. 13 levels
    B. Difference between guards and blades 
  14. Class #14 – Guards / Lengths #2 
  15. Class #15 – How to service and adjust your clippers 
    A. How to zero gap clippers 
    B. How to make sure your clippers are working correct 
  16. Class #16 – How to use the razor and scissors
    A. How to hold tools 
    B. Shave balloon 
  17. Class #17 – Cutting the clean Bald Head
  18. Class #18 – Regular Hair Cut 
  19. Class #19 – Seven Step Fade/ Cutting the Bald Fade 
    A. Learn the 7 step fade process 
  20. Class #20 – Fading Chart/ Temple taper with Grain
    A. Quiz 
  21. Class #21 – Female fade with hair fibers and parts 
  22. Class #22 – Fading Chart Review/ High top fade 
  23. Class #23 – Practical Theory final test 
  24. Class #24 – Final Testing

Keep Cutting 

  1. Do complete Hair Cut 
  2. Do complete Hair Cut
  3. Do complete Hair Cut
  4. Do last complete Hair Cut 

Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp Classes

Short to Coarse Hair Training Course 
(Student lives in Baltimore) 
Cost $1,200.00

  • Includes 9 hour Professional video archive training 
  • Includes digital curriculum and handbook 
  • 40 hours of on hand live training
  • 1 two hour class per week with licensed Master or Professional Barbers
  • will provide over 20 supervised haircuts