Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp Online Course

After running a successful program in Baltimore that works, we decided to make this course available Online. Once Barber completes course in 3 to six months, they can send a YouTube video link taking test that will be graded by our staff. When passed they are eligible to take our monthly workshop and be involved in community cutting. Once approve with online testing barber also qualifies to cut at community events, which will help take skills to a higher functional level. In conclusion I would like to say that we appreciate your purchase of our course and look forward to working with you in the future. 

For Short to Coarse Hair

  • All reading Assignment are from Milady Standard Barbering 2017 
  • Reading assignments from Milady Handbook are very limited as our main goal of this course is to primarily teach the practical skill of barbering, sanitation and professional Image. 
  • We recommend you set aside time to read the Milady Handbook because it contains all the knowledge you need to pass your state board exam and will make you a great Barber 
  • All videos are already attached in curriculum mostly by the week (sometimes the video may be different from week especially if it’s a repeat 
  • Practice at least 4 to 10 hours with each instruction every week, the more hours you put in the better you will be 
  • We Strongly suggest that you follow our 28-week program to become fully develop (like a baby in the womb should go 9months to be better developed, it is possible to be born pre-mature and live but it is always good to go the entire process 
  • It is possible to finish in 3 months but that would be extremely pushing it 
  • Once you finish course if you are interested in attending out hair cutting work shops please send your you tube links to as instructed on previous pages

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp Curriculum © 

  1. Week #1 – Orientation to Barbering 
  2. Week # 2 Sanitation and Equipment use 
  3. Class# 3 – Introduction to Against and with the grain, barbering drills
  4. Class #4 – PPAAT, Barbering stroke Drills 
  5. Class #5 – Barbering Strokes speed Drills 
  6. Class #6 – Shape up Strokes 
  7. Class #7 – Shape up Speed Practice 
  8. Class #8 –Shape up Speed test / Draw shape ups with pencil 
  9. Class #9 – Beard Cutting and Moves 
  10. Testing for With, Against, shape up and beard 
  11. Class #11 – PPAAT Stroke training 
  12. Class #12 – PPAAT strokes and Shape Up Techniques 
  13. Class #13 – 13 Levels and Guard/ Length System #1 
  14. Class #14 – Blades Vs Guards / Lengths #2 
  15. Class #15 – How to service and adjust your clippers 
    • How to zero gap clippers 
    • The importance of making sure your clippers are working correct 
    • Online Video 
      1. 15.1
  16. Class #16 – How to use the razor and scissors 
    • How to hold tools 
    • Shave balloon 
    • Online Video 
      1. 16.1
  17. Class #17 – Cutting the Clean Bald Head 
  18. Class #18- Regular Hair Cut 
  19. Class #19- Seven Step fade / Cutting the Bald Fade 
  20. Class #20- Fading chart /Temple taper cut with wavy Grain 
  21. Class #21- female fade with hair fibers and parts 
  22. Class #22- Fading Chart Review / High top fade 
  23. Class #23-Practical final test 
  24. Class #24-Theory Final Testing
  25. Send your testing video to to qualify for our boot camp workouts 
  26. Work on your Portfolio and resume 
  27. Keep cutting to get better 
  28. Set up appointments to meet with Master Barbers in your area, do this after you have cut at least 20 heads, this will get you ready for the professional barber floor

Conscious Heads Barbering Bootcamp Classes

Online Course 
Short to course Hair training course

  • Includes 9 hour Professional video archive training 
  • Includes digital curriculum and handbook 

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